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Loutra Pozar Tours and Activities

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Private Hiking and Bathing at Loutra Pozar

Get ready for the experience of a lifetime, hiking in Greece’s untouched landscapes in one of the most unique places to visit near Thessaloniki with... Incentive - 6 hours

About Loutra Pozar

Imagine this. You are sitting in a natural pool of hot water and there is warm stream coming down on your shoulders. Open your eyes and see that you are surrounded with beautiful green landscape of different trees and plants. Close your eyes and all you can hear is soothing sound of water splashing and bird twitter from the trees. Sounds good? Well all this is waiting for you in Loutra Pozar, just 110 km away from Thessaloniki.

Loutra Pozar, Greek for hot springs of Pozar, is consisted of several hot water pools and a magnificent waterfall that is even 70m high. The baths of Pozar are situated at foot of Kaimaktsalan Mountain and they are one of the biggest attractions for tourist all year long. Around the pools a small spa town was built with Hotels, guesthouses, indoor spas, restaurant and bars to extend the overall experience.

Also, the thermal baths facilities of Pozar offer 48 individual baths, 6 indoor pools, a big outdoor pool, hamams and other spa services. All this can be used for medical purposes as it has been proved that aqua therapy has a healing effect for several conditions. It is the most helpful for rheumatic, dermatological (especially skin eczema), respiratory and circulatory system (particularly blood pressure) conditions. With all the benefits offered there is no wonder why Greeks in time of Alexander the Great, Romans and Byzantine loved to enjoy in these baths.

Loutra Pozar
Loutra Pozar

What to do

If you would like to take a short break from spa time, there are plenty activities offered in the surrounding area. The wild vegetations of the mountain are home for many different species of birds, so bird watching is one of the famous activities in Pozar. Don’t be surprised if something pink in the distance turns out to be flamingos! The Kaimaktsalaln Mountain offers many rocky trails for those who seek adrenaline rush combined with incredible landscapes.

Insider’s tips

One of the best ways to finish the day filled with both relaxing and exciting activities is by experiencing traditional Greek cuisine. Most of the food prepared in Pozar is cooked with fresh and healthy ingredients from that area. Also, the most famous product here is the local red wine ‘Ksinomavro’ that perfectly complements cuisine.